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Less growth – More happiness?

Issue 02/2018

English edition

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Is it imperative that we keep growing, at any price – be it as a company or as an economy? We look at this important question from various perspectives in the second English edition of our client magazine. Read for yourself whether there is a satisfying answer to these questions. Also, don't miss the interview with our CTO and member of the executive board Rolf-Jürgen Moll about our new release policy. And of course this issue also covers all the latest LucaNet news.

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The English edition of our half-yearly client magazine – “simply intelligent” – is an important step that reflects our strong international growth. The columns A Professor’s insight, Add-on and Knowledge convey concrete information for your daily professional life, while in Spotlight we take a closer look at a relevant topic from a variety of perspectives. Under People and Worldwide, you will find interviews with people from the LucaNet community. In the last section, After work, you’ll find a mental game, as well as helpful tips for your free time and working routines.

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The world’s most valuable chain - How Blockchain is changing our financial systems

Issue 01/2018

Some see it as a curse, others as a blessing that will lead the future: Blockchain. Don’t miss our cover story if you, too, have the feeling that you’ve not fully understood what exactly Blockchain is, and how it works. In Professor Theile’s column, the focus is on the American “Tax cuts and Jobs Act” and the impact it has on German companies.

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Previous Issues

20 Years of LucaNet - Anniversary Issue

Issue 02/2019

This issue is going to be a bit different, for LucaNet has reason to celebrate: 2019 marks our second decade in business, and we proudly look back at 20 years of expertise in consolidation, planning, reporting, and analysis. That’s why we’d like to use this anniversary issue to thank all of you who were a part of our successful journey – our customers, partners, and employees – for your loyalty and passionate commitment.

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For our English-speaking clients here is the English edition of our half-yearly client magazine – “simply intelligent”.

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Don’t stress

Issue 01/2019

Stress was designed by nature, yet what once developed as a biological early-warning system for hazardous situations can be damaging to health today. That’s why we need strategies to deal with stressful situations. In this edition of our client magazine, you can read about what can be done against stress. Of course you’ll also find further interesting LucaNet topics, like the article on our IFRS 16 app and the interview with the head of the new Customer Relationship Management Team.

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